I am very passionate about teaching — the aspect of academia I cherish the most. In my years as a business school faculty, I have taught a broad range of students, from undergraduates to MBAs to working executives. I have taught at the Stern School of Business and also at Harvard Business School.

The course I have taught the most is the operations management (OM) core to MBAs. While the title of the course has remained the same, the content has evolved significantly over time to cover the rapidly evolving operating models of firms. These include digital and platform operating models.

My pedagogical philosophy is three-fold: (a) bring cutting-edge research and practitioner experience to class, (b) emphasis on active and peer-to-peer learning, and (c) use a blend of teaching methods, including cases, lectures, videos, and classroom discussions.

I also firmly believe in unlocking the power of quantitative models and tools by making them intuitive and accessible to a wide audience.